Pushkar Fair
November, 2023

Pushkar Fair, a vibrant event that unfolds after the Diwali Festival. This annual Fair, also known as the Camel Festival, showcases a mesmerizing array of decorated camels and horses. These majestic animals are not only exhibited but are also sold at significant prices, creating a spectacle that captivates the local town's residents and the wider Indian community. The backdrop of my exploration at the Pushkar Fair is the unique situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The backlog in animal purchases has resulted in a notable impact, with many of the animals sold finding their way to farmers in Punjab and prominent figures such as the Ambhanis and Qatari individuals. For Jai, delving into the Pushkar Fair was an opportunity to witness the festival firsthand and uncover the often overlooked facets of India's cultural landscape. It's a journey into the dark underbelly of the country, where traditions, commerce, and societal dynamics intersect.

©jaitoorLondon, United KingdomPhotography