Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Where there's a will, there's a way, is a body of work centred around a physical and emotional battle with trauma while visiting family in a town called Trenton. Through careful exploration of the everyday, Toor combines historical accounts of past and present alongside notions of self, fantasy and community to question if Trauma could be a gateway into fantasy. Toor’s thoughts and conversations are mirrored alongside Images in a non-linear fashion to uphold a diaristic narrative placing emphasis on the intricacies of picturing the invisible. The photographic journey through the streets of trenton became a manifestation of externalising the unholiness left behind by family.

The different narratives within the body of work are connected to location. Toor embeds himself into the landscape of a post-industrial military town to uncover traces of the past. Forgotten histories and stories are unravelled through the juxtaposition of his thoughts and Images. The body of work has been self published into a book. Images are sequenced in a non-linear narrative to place emphasis on the uneasy and eerie feeling Toor endured while making the body of work.

©jaitoorLondon, United KingdomPhotography